Hi.  I'm Sue Zakar.

I'm a serial crafter. 

While that means that I have lots of cute creations filling up my shelves, it also means the shelves are probably getting dusty (let's not talk about floors...)   My favored tool?  A cutting machine -- in my case a Cricut Explore Air 2.   It all started so innocently:

I'm "grandma" age,  67 as of this writing.   After my husband retired, I realized I needed something to keep me busy besides hovering over his shoulder.    I took up learning how to make pop-up cards.

I soon found out that my not-so-young hands did not take kindly to hours of X-acto knife cutting, so decided there must be a better way.  

Ccomputers and I go way back (late 1970's to be more precise) so -- of course --  I researched and discovered cutting machines.  Soon a Cricut was on my wish list, and soon thereafter in my posession (thanks Hubby!)

From there it has just been a learning by doing (and buying, buying, oops) experience.  I started out using Illustrator, but because of cost, switched to Inkscape, which I now use for all new designs.  

I love doing 3D cardstock creations,  Much of what I learned came from doing projects on 3dsvg.com (Dreaming Tree).  It gave me a good foundation for figuring out how to design my own.   I thought about starting a store, but decided just to share.  

(I am also one of those folks that enjoys weeding HTV, so my favorite HTV projects are mandala/zendoodle sorts of designs.)

A while back, I did web development, so natch, I had to try to combine the two things, and here we are.  I'm just me, just a crafter, not claiming great expertise in anything, and always looking to learn something new.  Papercraft really does provide lots of opportunity to learn.  

What else about me?  .   I'm a fervent adherent to the idea that all of us people are in this  together.   Every person wakes up in the morning because God thinks they have a reason to be here.  The same for every person I meet.  Smile.  See if there is a way to make their life a little better.   Maybe that's the reason I got to wake up.

Perhaps because I have  cancer (chronic lymphocytic leukemia), I'm especially thankful for each day.    On that note, if anyone wants to donate to a cause close to me (no pressure, just letting you know) then here's a  suggested organization, the CLL Society.   I'm putting this at the end, because it is not what you give that is important to me, so much as what I can give to you.  Happy crafting.