This is the model of the house I just published the House Design Tutorial for Inkscape 1.1.
It makes extensive use of some custom Inkscape extensions written mostly by my husband, and by me with his help. These make the process pretty straightforward.
I did the tutorial for folks who want to use Inkscape to design a 3D papercraft house, but don't know where to start. (The tutorial DOES assume some familiarity with Inkscape, but you don't have to be an expert at all)
The playlist of for the tutorial (both for design and assembly) can be found at House Design Tutorial - YouTube
AND if you don't want to do the tutorial...The files for just making the house are available at

These are the svg files from the House Design Tutorial 


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It was a big project for this old granny. 🙂

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Currently in the process of getting everything uploaded to Youtube.... 

The Papercraft House Design Tutorial for Inkscape 1.1

Using the Papercraft Extensions from Obzerving on


By TheSerialCrafter

 The Papercraft Extensions for Inkscape 1.1 by Obzerving on Github

I recommend you download and install all of these extensions. We will not be using collarz or polygen in the tutorial, but I recommend getting them anyway if you plan on doing other projects like vases, bowls, etc. These have almost all been updated very recently, so even if you downloaded them before, I strongly recommend getting the latest versions now. These can all be accessed through this repository:

Obzerving Repository:

 Recommended Extensions:

The design used for the tutorial






Collarz:                (not used here but recommended)

Polygen:            (not used here but recommended)

StairRails:      (not used here but recommended)

 A bit of history...

A while back a crafter asked if there was a tutorial on how to design a paper house.

Since I was not aware of any such, I decided to share what I know about the process.

 The videos are not polished… apologies in advance, but hopefully will help anyone who is interested in the process to get a running start. Most importantly, the designs make use of some Inkscape 1.1 extensions that were written by my husband (who goes by Obzerving on and by me--with his help and re-use of hunks of his code.

 You’ll need to download and install the extensions into Inkscape. The process is easy enough, and there is a video to help you along.

 For each piece of the house, there is a design video and an associated assembly video.

 I do NOT go into a lot of finishing detail (inking, blinging, tiny accessories, etc) in these videos. The intent of the video is to show some basic tools, the craftsmanship will make it your own.

 If you have questions, you can ask them on the Facebook group for The Serial Crafter, or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The files used to build the house can be downloaded in a zip file if you choose to use them rather than your own Inkscape saves.

 Starting out… Basic Inkscape

 The videos assume that you know the basics of Inkscape 1.1 and have it installed on your computer. If that is not the case, I strongly recommend that you take a bit of time to view some of the excellent Inkscape tutorials that are available on YouTube.

 I will make frequent use of several “hotkey” shortcuts in Inkscape, and very much encourage you to memorize these shortcuts. It will make it easier to follow along, and way faster to work in Inkscape. 

  •  Ctl s Save your file. (Inkscape can crash, so use this often)
  • Ctl c and Ct v        Copy and Paste
  • F1              Select tool
  • F2              Node Tool
  • Ctl Shift C  Convert shape to path
  • Ctl Shift -   Division (cuts out one path from another)
  • Ctl Shift +   Union (welds two paths together)
  • Ctl k           Join two paths (combine into a complex path)
  • Shift Ctl k   Break apart a complex path
  • Ctl Shift F   Fill Panel
  • Ctl Shift A   Align Panel
  • 3                  Zoom to selected object
  •                  Zoom to show all objects

 The svg files can be downloaded now, if you like, but are really meant to be part of the tutorial.

These are the svg files from the House Design Tutorial 


File Size 383.1 KB
Download 302